In 2019, The Straits Times reported that there were over 1000 homeless in Singapore. Despite this, many Singaporeans are unaware that homelessness is even an issue in Singapore due to its invisible nature. However, just because it is out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. 



Help your students learn through the lens of Ah Lim, a fictional character based on real experiences of homelessness in Singapore!

We have worked with New Hope Community Services, a cahrarity that serves the homeless in Singapore, and replicated Jalan Kukoh HDB Estate in our virtual Gathertown world. Based on your school’s needs, we are able to adapt and scale each world easily. We have rolled out our programme to Anglo-Chinese School(Independent) and Manjusri Secondary School. 

Est Time: 2 Hours 
Recommended Class Size: 30 + 

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