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Jalan Journey is not just a brand – it is a mission. It all started with two friends, Harrison and Sri, who wanted to make a difference in the world. They spent years working as volunteers and running Comm.UnitySG, a youth initiative that made a significant impact on their community. However, they wanted to do more – to help other young people who shared their passion for change.

Their big idea? Gamification. They realised that many capable young people were held back by a lack of awareness about social issues. So they decided to revolutionise Citizenship and Character Education (CCE), using gaming techniques to make learning fun and engaging.


Student's actively learning in digital learning experiences
Student's actively learning in digital learning experiences

Our Mission

We aim to educate with accuracy and provide a safe space for mature discussion about problems in our community.

Changing Values Education

Jalan Journey is in the business of story-telling – facilitating knowledge transfer in a way that is most palatable to students. Following a narrative, students learn of the lives of vulnerable groups in society by meaningfully engaging with their stories and perspectives.

Student's actively learning in digital learning experiences

Highly Adaptable

We consult with schools on lesson requirements, and then with our partner charities to craft accurate and educational narratives, designing the virtual world and training facilitators on the subject matters, based on their needs. 

Fully Digital Learning

Students can log into our world using their Personal Learning Devices(PLD), fitting into schools’ tight academic schedules. We remove logistical costs, administrative transportation work and risks assessments while enhancing the learning experience. 

Our Team

Harrison Chong


Sricharan Bala


Si Min Swee

Chief Communications Officer

Wilbyn Tan

Chief Operations Officer

Ng Kao Jing

Chief Product Officer

Joshua Tan

Business Development Director

Christian Foo

Marketing Director

Leon Lee

Product Associate


Art & Design Associate

Lee Yang Sean

Product Associate

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