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Student's actively learning in digital learning experiences

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In 2019, The Straits Times reported that there were over 1000 homeless in Singapore. Despite this, many Singaporeans are unaware that homelessness is an issue in Singapore due to its invisible nature. However, just because it is out of sight doesn’t mean its out of mind. 

Environment & Sustainability


As we experience drastic weather changes in Singapore, it is crucial for Singaporeans to be aware of their actions and for them to be able to make informed decisions that will contribute to a greener and more sustainable Singapore. 

Special Needs


It is estimated that more than 110,000 Singaporeans have some form of disability. As an open and caring society, it is important for our people to remember that no two people with disabilities are alike and some are visible while others are not, yet it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be there for one another. 

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What People Have Said

Through the job interview, I learnt that it certainly is not easy for the homeless to apply for a job. They risk making a bad first impression due to their dressing.

Johnathan Student

I truly think it was a very engaging and pleasant experience!

Sammy Student

The Supermarket exercise taught me the importance of money and that it really is a big worry for the homeless.

Gwen Student

This program was very fun and engaging and I would love to volunteer now.

Yun Xuan Student

The program was excellent and delivered its message properly.

Mike Student

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